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Sentenced to Death – 7

Selections from The Cross He Bore, Chapter 7

Matthew 26:65-66
“Then the high priest tore his robes and said, "He has uttered blasphemy. What further witnesses do we need? You have now heard his blasphemy. What is your judgment?"

They answered, "He deserves death."

* * *
The Jewish leaders feared and hated this teacher who had exposed their hypocrisy, refuted their arguments and rejected their traditions. They regarded him as a threat to their authority and power. It was their intention from the outset to get rid of him by whatever means. Caiaphas’ chief sin lay in his wanting to do what he did.

* * *
It is important to remember it was not just the Jews who were responsible for Christ’s death. Ultimately all mankind and every person must bear full responsibility. ...Every sinner has said in effect, ‘Away with Him. I will not have this man to reign over me.’ It was the realization of this fact that moved Horatius Bonar to write:
I see the scourges tear His back,
I see the piercing crown,
And of that crowd who smite and mock,
I feel that I am one.

‘Twas I that shed the sacred blood,
I nailed Him to the tree,
I crucified the Christ of God,
I joined the mockery.

Yet not the less that blood avails,
To cleanse away my sin;
And not the less that cross prevails
To give me peace within.
* * *
So the believer can say, ‘Christ embraced me with all my sin and guilt that I might embrace him in all his righteousness.’ That is what Luther had in mind when he said, ‘He died for me; he made his righteousness mine and made my sin his own; and if he made my sin his own, then I do not have it, and I am free.’

~ Frederick S. Leahy
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