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Curios - 2

Why do some people get a lot done, and others so little?
Plodding along?

2. Were you a Jason Castro fan last season of American Idol? Here is a reason to stay one—Jason’s faith. And check out other testimonies at the intriguing "I Am Second" site. Including the one by Brian “Head” Welch, formerly of Korn. (Don’t let his look scare you away.)

3. 7 phrases we use to keep from sounding as certain as we feel. In exactly 22 words. Abraham Piper has the shortest blog posts ever—22 words each. Count ‘em. His reasoning? “The fewer words we allow ourselves, the more significant each one becomes.” I like it.

4. Lost your Christmas spirit? Get it back here. That’s Christmas.

5. Download a free song from ZOE’s latest CD, Fearless. It’s a good one to get stuck in your head. Then watch Chris Tomlin explain the story behind the song. An inspirational way to spend 5 minutes.


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