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Asking myself...

coin tossPart of making good decisions means asking good questions. Here are a few I’ve been thinking of:

1. Will your decision honor God?
2. Will it bring you closer to Him? Make you more like Him?
3. Is your choice based on biblical truths? Is it right?
4. Would you want other people to know about this decision?
5. How will others be affected?
6. Will this decision lead to greater peace and inner freedom?
7. What is God teaching you while you make the decision?
8. What decision will be made if you make no decision at all?

We often discount # 8, but it is often one of the larger factors. Our hesitancy to decide can result in missed opportunities. Of course, too hastily making a decision can prove equally disastrous. That’s why we need God’s guidance—only his timing is perfect.


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