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Otherwise unremarkable

The report about me said this:

#2. Otherwise unremarkable.

Should I feel offended?
Actually, I feel relieved. That’s what I wanted the bone scan to show. I don’t want to be remarkable when it comes to physical abnormalities. (Of course, there was the #1 impression of osteoarthritis; that’s another story.)

But it’s the “otherwise” part that is most interesting.

Otherwise—I have royal blood in my spiritual veins because I’m an adopted daughter of the great High King .
Otherwise—I had the sole Son of God give up his own life for me (and get it back) because He is so in love with me.
Otherwise—It’s not just any ol’ spirit living and breathing in me, but THE One and Only Holy Spirit.

That otherwise didn’t show up under the radionuclide scanner. But that doesn’t alter my impression. Otherwise is quite remarkable indeed.


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