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Breathe in, breathe out

I typically don’t bother reading Psalms from The Message because of the terribly unpoetic and literary distortion it creates. Today is an exception. To complete an assignment for meditating on a psalm, I am peeking at The Message, just to see.

And I like what I find. I still bristle at its painful colloquialism, but the meaning is Truth, so I glean the following.

Psalm 51:10
God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.

Every week is a Genesis week for a believer. Every day is a Genesis day. The Lord promised His mercies would be new every morning. He said it, and it is good.

Psalm 51:11
...Don't fail to breathe holiness in me.

The intimate imagery of God breathing holiness into me reflects how dear I am to Him, and how close He’s willing to get to me. I take a deep breath in...again...and again...inhaling sensory evidence that His Presence is indeed here with me, in me, in this very moment.

Psalm 51:15
Unbutton my lips, dear God; I'll let loose with your praise.

And as He breathes holiness into me, I breathe praise back out about Him. A divine rhythm, a measured cadence, an unbroken circuit. May it always be. Lord, You are worthy.


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