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The Biggest Dream

The highest dream we could ever dream, the wish that if granted would make us happier than any other blessing, is to know God, to actually experience Him.

The problem is that we don't believe this idea is true. We assent to it in our heads. But we don't feel it in our hearts....We just aren't yet aware that an intimate relationship with God is that greatest pleasure.

~ Larry Crabb, Shattered Dreams: God's Unexpected Pathway to Joy


Brenda said...

Very true and very insightful. And I wish I didn't relate so much to it- I wish I could say with honesty that I know that wonderful pleasure of experiencing God. I have seen and felt glimpses of it... bit it is very hard to maintain. Still, I dream....


Lisa notes... said...

It takes a lifetime, huh? But isn't God good to whet our appetite in those glimpses to keep us seeking Him.


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