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Almost-Grown: How to Keep the Faith

bible-in-collegeMaybe your child is about to graduate. Or already away at college or on their own.

Or maybe you just want to get ready now for what’s to come later.

“Let the children come” (Matthew 19:14) isn’t just for your little ones.

Help your children of all ages continue coming to the Lord.

How can you assist their transition from pizza party youth groups to an authentic working faith of their own?

Not by old strategies. What worked at nine won’t work when they’re nineteen. You no longer choose their bedtime Bible stories. You can’t drag them to Sunday school each week. No more gold stars for Bible chapters read.

So what can you do to help your older children stay in the Word?


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Let The Children Come -

What advice would you give parents of college-age children?

What’s a struggle you’re having or anticipating for that age?

What helped (or hindered!) your faith after you turned 18?

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