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This is today in April 2013


Outside my Cocoa Beach, Florida, but we’re parting ways today

I am thinking...about wonder and how important it is stay amazed (Psalm 71:17)

I am wondering...why I think clearer (or so I assume) when the ocean is humming in the background

atlantic ocean

I am thankful for...thermometers that climb to 80

In the kitchen...(if you want to call it that in my hotel room): leftover pizza and Diet Dr. Pepper in the mini-fridge, Starburst jelly beans and a bag of Oreos on the desk

I am practice saying no at least one day a week

Around the house...are two candles to represent Rest and Freedom in Jesus on my Sabbath daysThe-Good-and-Beautiful-God

I am looking forward to...studying this book with the ladies in my Wednesday night group

I am God worked that out—it’s the same book I’d already chosen to work through for my One Word 2013: Jesus.

I am reading...The Bible as Improv and Accidental Pharisees


I am pondering these words...“What if we’re asking the wrong question? …Questions always frame the possible available answers. Different questions yield a different pool of possible answers.” – Ron Martoia

I am hearing...myself *attempt* to recite Psalm 71 so imperfectly but personally

I am praying...for a clear diagnosis at Mayo for my precious friend Danette, for deep healing for special friends struggling with addictions, for as gentle as possible but thorough treatment for an awesome sister in Christ with newly discovered breast cancer

One of my favorite that Canon agreed this week to repair Jenna’s camera free of charge (Go, Canon! Go, Jeff’s negotiation skills!)

I am two showers for two nieces in the next few days

A video to share...from my daughter Jenna’s faith community—very moving

Easter 2013 - Death to Life

Easter 2013 – Death to Life from Church of the Highlands

* * *

What’s happening in your day?

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