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On this day in March 2013

welcome home flowers

Around the house...these flowers. Jeff bought them to welcome me home from Nashville last week.

I am thankful...for a new Life Group we joined, “Love Them like Jesus”. We do Saturday morning breakfasts together with the homeless and another faith community at the homeless camps under the bridge.

I am appreciating...the many testimonies about Jesus we were blessed to hear and share at a New Members Banquet last Sunday night. Resurrection-Do-Not-Depart

I am life and resurrection for this month’s series at Do Not Depart

I am praying...during Lent that God will help me reframe the past and drain away any cynicism still lingering from negative religious experiences

I am creating...spiritual space. Our March calendar is overly full on the outside, so I’m having to carve extra room on the inside.

I am God works in such mysterious ways. In my month to “practice wearing skin,” I’m also practicing getting out of my skin through a Centering Prayer group I joined for Lent.

I am hearing...too much inner dialogue in my head, which is making centering prayer so hard; hoping it will get easier

I am reading...these plus two books on centering prayer: Open Mind, Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel by Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault


I am pondering these words...from Awakenings by Thomas Keating:

Living daily as if God were absent is the fatal flaw of the spiritual journey. . . .God cannot be absent. Treating him as if he were is an insult.

I am looking forward to...48 hours with the 4 Corners! Since we missed our annual sleepover in January, we’ve arranged to spend this weekend at Julie’s house.

I am see Morgan and Fuller’s new home again soon. She (and I!) are going to love her big front porch.porch-Morgan

One of my favorite worshiping through song, so I’m glad I finally took the plunge to commit to our praise ministry

A few plans for this week...getting the house ready for a wedding shower Sunday for my niece Lindsey. So excited for her! And also excited that Jenna will be home for spring break starting this weekend!

A picture to share...a poor photo of a beautiful painting of Lazarus by Ro Diaz at the Nurture conference in Nashville last week


* * *

What’s exciting in your world this week?

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