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Keep your fork


He said 2012 was challenging.
Yes, I agree.

But he said it was preparing us for 2013, preparing us for a shift.
Yes, I agree with that, too.

The visiting Pastor Sean Smith continued preaching.
He told us about his grandma and her great cooking.
About the evenings she’d not only prepare a meal, but surprise him with a dessert.

As he was finishing his supper and about to put up his plate, she’d say, “Grandbaby, keep your fork.”

And he knew then . . . something good was up ahead!

So the plastic forks we each received Sunday morning walking into the sanctuary were ours to keep, to remind us, too, to keep our fork.

To remember that God’s got something good coming.

Yes, 2012 was challenging (particularly the first half).
But yes, in 2013, I’m already enjoying the fruits of the shift.

Keep holding onto your fork. 

But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more.
Psalm 71:14

* * *

May you remain hopeful this week—God’s got something good up ahead.


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