The practice of slowing down

Talking around my kitchen table this morning. And linking up tonight around other kitchen tables for the Soli Deo Gloria party, because Jen is . . .

Inspiring women to just keep it real

Books I’m using this year for spiritual disciplines:


The most important aspects of our lives cannot be rushed. We cannot love, think, eat, laugh or pray in a hurry.

Full disclosure to keep it real:

  • I didn’t move the clutter or old newspapers off my kitchen counter for you, but I did pause the washer and dryer
  • I didn’t put on any makeup or fix my hair (just got out of the shower actually), but I did put on a smidgeon of lip gloss because my mama always said a woman needs a little bit of color
  • I didn’t tell you up front that I really don’t like making vlogs because of, well, a million reasons, but I did one despite all my reasons not to

* * *



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