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One word 2013 – Jesus

Is this a cop-out? Choosing “Jesus” as my One Word for 2013?

Most of the words that we choose for One Words are implicitly about Jesus at their core already. Mine in years past:

2012 Venture (with Jesus) 
2011 Breathe (in Jesus) 
2010 Depend and Delight (on Jesus)

Jesus-one-word-2013But this year, I want to focus in as tightly as I can go. And when all is said and done, what’s at the center?


So as simple as it seems, Jesus will be my one word and heartbeat for 2013 (and always, I pray!).

I want to read through the gospels in a fresh version (The Voice). I’m halfway through Jesus: A Theography. Also on my reading list is Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus and Simply Jesus. And Love Does because what good is the knowing without the doing? 

So on the doing side, one concrete goal is to live out a different discipline each month, beginning in January with Vision—The practice of waking up to God. To become more like Jesus, to love Jesus more, to love others more through Jesus. 

I’m aware that planning can only be a rough draft for living, yes? How the Spirit will choose to blow through will surely surprise me, as he always does.

But with Jesus beside me and in me, even when it’s hard, it’s all good, and even when I can’t see it, it’s all grace. That’s Jesus.

* * *

Have you chosen One Word for 2013? Please share.



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