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JANUARY 2013 Posts

A simple yes today (1/31)
Still scared of the dark (1/30
When it could have been me (1/28)
Clean out the clutter—physical and spiritual (1/24)
What’s on your nightstand? Jan ’13 (1/22)
Without your story of the gospel (1/21)
If you listen, you’ll hear (1/18)
Let’s mean it—“God bless you!” (1/17)
When shame stings (1/14)
My first daybook of 2013—January (1/10)
Why memorize Psalm 71? (1/9)
Free resources for memorizing Psalm 71 (1/8)
Where is God’s house? (1/7)
One word 2013—Jesus (1/3)
Register—Bible Memory Challenge Psalm 71 (1/2)


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