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What I saw in 1 Peter 1

Hiding-1-Peter-1(1)When you sit with a chapter—the same words—over and over for a season, you start seeing the world through those words.

This video is of pictures during my time in 1 Peter 1 and of helps I used in memorizing them with this lovely group. We began August 19 and ended last week.

  • When I walked on the beach, I learned verse 3 about “his great mercy.”
  • When I attended church with the homeless, I heard verse 10 about “searching and inquiring.”
  • And when I celebrated the life of my child in heaven, I read over and over verses 24-25, “All flesh is like grass . . . but the word of the Lord remains forever.”

* * *

We’ll start memorizing a new chapter in January 2013.

We’d love for you to join us then!


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