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Tired of talk


Debates lose much of their heat when you are working side by side with Jesus for the kingdom.
SCOT McKNIGHT, Embracing Grace

I grow weary of hearing debates about doctrine. 

I don’t see Jesus spending hours going roundabout explaining the exact definition of a Hebrew word. Or analyzing the same stories over and over ad nauseum. Or sitting students in rows for classroom instruction, for as many years as they’ll come in the building.

He said what he wanted to say, asked what he wanted others to think about, then invited them to follow him as he went about his workpointing people up to the Father.

By forgiving sins. Healing hearts. Saving souls.

Many of us today are tired of “too much talking” and “not enough doing” when it comes to a gospel life.

An undeniable feature of the attractiveness of Jesus is that he wasn’t distracted by endless debates about theories: he rolled up his sleeves and he invited people to join him in his vision for the kingdom of God.

Jesus valued people. (He made them, after all.)

And he took pleasure in bragging on God by giving them grace.

He still does. And he appeals to us to do the same.

. . . I have appointed you to go, to produce fruit that will last, and to ask the Father in my name to give you whatever you ask for.

Love each other. This is what I'm commanding you to do.
John 15:16-17 (GW)

~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Tomorrow I’ll share the story of Annie (not her real name). It’s not big; it’s really just the middle of a story, I’m certain. 

But she taught me something about grace Thursday night, about receiving it and giving it.

And I don’t want to waste it. 

Day 7 of . . .



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