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Receive your gift of grace

sunset in Tanzania

Our spiritual gifts and the ministries we perform are gifts of God’s grace.

None of us deserves the gifts he or she has been given by God’s undeserved favor to us through Christ.

This means that both the most “worthy” and the most “unworthy” of Christians receive their gifts and their ministries on the same basis. The “unworthy” person surely doesn’t deserve his gift, but neither does the most “worthy.” They both receive them as unmerited favors from God.
- JERRY BRIDGES, Transforming Grace

We listened yesterday to stories of gifts.
Of grace.
Of Spirit. They made me smile and stirred my soul.

His gifts—his graces—live on today.

They are lifted off pages of the Book and engraved on hearts and distributed through humans.

Gifts of grace are birthed fresh in every generation. 
To all who choose to believe.
To those we view as special and to those who call themselves unworthy.

The Giver gives all for his glory. 

Open your hands to receive your portion of the gift.
Use it up fully as you distribute it to others.
Give thanks in all of it.

I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that was given you in Christ Jesus.
1 Corinthians 1:4

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