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Intersections of grace


Outside a church building near my house yesterday, two young boys were playing as their moms were talking. One boy pulled out the car sunshade from his mom's dashboard and, as boys are apt to do, turned it into a toy.

At my house, we were loading up Jeff's truck for a weekend trip to Auburn. In the cab, we packed suitcases and snacks. In the bed, a ladder for reaching Jenna's leaf-filled gutters when we arrived at her trailer.

At the church building, the sunshade-now-frisbee tournament was in full swing. So full that one throw went so high that the sunshade landed on the roof of the building.

In the meantime, we backed out of our garage for one final errand before heading south—to buy two tickets at a local church for a Brandon Heath concert there next week.

One of the boys was now shimmying up the downspout to reach the roof. No luck. One of the moms was heading into the church office to ask for a . . .

“Hey!” A lady flagged us down as we pulled into the church parking lot. We looked up in surprise. “You have a ladder in your truck!”

Yes. And?

She pointed to the roof. We saw the sunshade.

As Jeff pulled out his ladder for the rescue, I walked into the church office to buy concert tickets. My friend Terri was on the phone, trying to locate a . . .

“Ladder?” I interrupted. “We've got that covered.”

Actually God had it covered. The intersection of the boys' dilemma and our arrival was no coincidence. God doesn't always reveal these points so plainly, but this time he did.  And in doing so, he made us all smile.

An intersection of grace. A dot on life’s graph, pointing to a Designer. A perfectly-timed situation worth marveling over. 

A small glimpse of grace.
A vivid view of God.

* * *

Day 19 of . . .



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