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Links I like (8/18/12)

The spiritual value of wasting time. Oh, how I hate to waste time. But if it’s wasted on another human being, is it really wasted? I need reminding over and over.

Do you own too much stuff? Get clear about what you own and why. It may be costing more than you think.

5 corrosives to faith. The daily, small things can erode our faith more than one or two big events. Consider these from Hebrews 12.

Illegal fines on religion in Kazakhstan. I’ve heard rumblings of this already from friends in Kazakhstan so I’m sad to hear it confirmed here. Pray.

Do we say “gospel” when we mean “Spirit”? I’m still thinking this one through. If you care about words—and we all should—this is a worthy read.

8 amazing Olympic 2012 moments. I’m still watching the Olympics on my DVR (am I alone in this?). So some of these moments I’ve yet to see (and may never). These short stories and pictures are beautiful.


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