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AUGUST 2012 Posts

Are you dead to sin? (8/30)
What’s on your nightstand? Aug ’12 (8/28)
When God says leave, what do you do? (8/26)
What does it cost you to follow Jesus? (8/25)
“By Grace Alone”—Book review (8/24)
Dear God, I still need the gospel (8/23)
5 scriptures for making decisions (8/22)
Peace, O soul. Be still. (8/20)
Links I like (8/18)
What do you do with the Sermon on the Mount? (8/17)
Am I self-righteous? (8/16)
A letter to a younger me (8/15)
Grace in El Salvador—Video (8/13)
“I Saw the Lord” (8/11)
His Word when we doubt (8/10)
How good is good enough? (8/9)
Look who’s 4 today! (8/8)
Memorize 1 Peter 1 – Registration and resources (8/8)
On this day in August (8/6)
Why I want to memorize 1 Peter 1 (8/4)
When you let yourself fall (8/3)
This is what counts (8/2)
New Bible memory challenge: It’s coming (8/1)


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