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Come alongside someone today

Snack time was over. I knew what that meant. The ground was about to be littered with juice boxes and cookie wrappers.

There are many wonderful things about El Salvador, but kids in public places using trash cans isn't one of them.

Or so I thought.

I pulled out a plastic bag and started what needed to be done along with another sister.

But we soon discovered we were not alone. Another set of hands had joined in. A small brown pair.

As we continued all around the field, the little girl who could speak no English walked with me, picking up cups and straws and paper.

Working alongside. Suddenly I remembered that even in the lowliest of jobs, if we do them as worship to God, we should never feel alone.

Another field, another VBS that afternoon, I grabbed another bag, following the wake of another snack time.

Before I could even make a dent, two teenage girls from the Salvadorian church we're ministering with came alongside and not only helped, but took the bag from me, saying something like, "Ayudo, hermana," meaning, "I'll help you, sister."

It had happened again, a blessing from picking up trash. I said, "Gracias!" and watched them take over for me.

I felt so humbled. Sometimes the biggest gifts are the smallest things.

Walking alongside another, helping them do even lowly work, is a gift we all can give.

Who can I--you--come alongside today? It may be the highest work we do all day.

* * *


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