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The making of a memory – in which we attempt to recite John 1:1-14

Hiding-John-1-buttonEver have one of those “This is a great idea!” moments?

On April 8, I envisioned our family memorizing John 1:1-14 as a team, sweetly rehearsing the verses together each evening.

The seven weeks would culminate in a beautiful and meaningful recitation video, an encouragement to other families to also memorize together.

You know how those moments usually end.

The nightly rehearsals lasted about...a night. And the “meaningful” video, well, we still haven’t made it.

But we did make this one!

[click here if you can't see the video]

If error-filled recall can give you hope to try this with your family, if seeing we sorta-kinda memorized a chunk of scripture together can encourage you, if understanding we did make a memory as we memorized can convince you it’s worthwhile, then you, too, can dream a “This is a great idea!” moment of your own.

* * *


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