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Links I like (5/3/12)

Things I found helpful this week on the web:

Start by listening – “When hurting people share their stories, if our first instinct is to dismiss their perspective and defend the status quo, something is terribly wrong,” says Suzannah Paul.

Make a decision already – Do we vastly overestimate the value that a little more information will give us? Al Pittampalli thinks so in “Are you miscalibrating?”

Do say this; don’t say that – Helpful things to say—and not say—when someone is hurting, in this case, from church pains. Kathy’s whole series here is enlightening.

Print vs. Digital Books – 10 more ways we’re changing our reading habits.

When silence is yella’ – You may not agree with everything J.R.Daniel Kirk is saying about women’s roles, but he does make a point for speaking up against suffering (apply it to your issue of choice).

Top 10 introvert myths – um, yes. Myths indeed. Speaking as an introvert, I concur with this list.

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