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Where do you sit?


Where’s your place at the table?

Mine is on the east side of my kitchen, facing the afternoon sun. At certain times of the year I can’t eat there without first closing the blinds because the sun is so bright.

Last week in Nashville, I sat in a different spot.

It was Tuesday, Day 2 of Nurture 2012, a conference on spiritual formation led by the Institute for Christian Spirituality (ICS) at Lipscomb University. I had already dined on delicacies of art from Mark 5 by Rolando Diaz and been led through Psalm 139 in contemplative prayer by Jackie Halstead and had thoughts stirred by Glandion Carney on cultivating a creative heart.



A unique invitation

For lunch on Tuesday, I sat at a round table beside an old friend from years ago on one side and a new friend of one day on the other side.

But as we ate our salads and chicken (and a most delicious chocolate cake!),
we were invited to sit somewhere else.

At another table. As a guest of the Trinity.

The night before we had looked at this icon from medieval Russia. Andrei Rublev (1360-1430) used such intricacy in his design, each detail significant.


One such detail was the open space at the table.

So on Tuesday, after leading us through thoughts on discerning God’s voice, Gary Moon invited us to sit at the table with the Trinity. And listen to their answer to this question, “What do you think of me?”

I closed my eyes as the music of Sherri Youngward played in the background.

Hearing from God

And I listened.

What was the Lord saying to me?

  • That I am loved
  • That my friendship is desired
  • That there is joy and peace for me in the Kingdom

And to remain intentional. To be present. To not withdraw from actively seeking Him.

Seating arrangements

So I continue now to sit at the table with the Trinity, which may mean sitting in metal chairs eating a barbeque sandwich to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Or standing to chat in Amber’s kitchen with a plate of potluck in hand. Or eating a biscuit in a booth at Hardee’s on Saturday mornings with the women of my family.

It honors the Lord when I enjoy dining in His presence.

At all those tables, I am loved. And I can love.
My friendship is desired. And my friendship is given.
There is joy. And there is peace.

That’s my place at the table...where the Son is bright in my all the Kingdom feasts.

* * *

Do you have a standard seat at your kitchen table?

Do you feast often with the Trinity?

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