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What’s on your nightstand?—March ‘12

Here’s what I’m reading and a quote where I am:

Just started

hunger-games-bookThe Hunger Games
     By Suzanne Collins
Okay, I caved. I want to see what the hype is all about. (Sigh. One week in, and I’m already adding to my Spring ‘12 Reading List.)

“Unexpectedly, Rue throws her arms around me. I only hesitate a moment before I hug her back. “You be careful,” she says to me. “You, too,” I say.

Lit-A-Christian-Guide-to-Reading-BooksLit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books
     by Tony Reinke

“Honestly, I think we read our Bibles poorly because we read all of our nonfiction books poorly. To better read our Bibles, or any nonfiction book, we must work to improve our reading skills.”


Holiness-day-by-dayHoliness Day by Day: Transformational thoughts for your spiritual journey devotional
     by Jerry Bridges

“In my discouragement I blurted out, ‘God, You would be perfectly just in sending me to hell.’ Immediately on the heel of those words, though, came this thought: No, You wouldn’t because Jesus satisfied Your justice for me.”

the-pilgrims-progressThe Pilgrim’s Progress
     by John Bunyan

“Sometimes he had half a thought to go back; then again he thought he might be half way through the valley; he remembered also how he had already vanquished many a danger, and that the danger of going back might be much more than for to go forward; so he resolved to go on.”

Searching-for-God-knows-whatSearching for God Knows What 
     by Donald Miller

“The very scary thing about religion, to me, is that people actually believe God is who they think He is. By that I mean they have Him all figured out, mapped out, and as my pastor, Rick, says, ‘dissected and put into jars on a shelf.’”


The-Phantom-of-the-OperaThe Phantom of the Opera
     by Gaston Leroux
Not the best piece of literature I’ve ever read, but entertaining enough.



Jesus_ _NothingJesus + Nothing = Everything
     by Tullian Tchividjian
If you can’t get enough grace ( I can’t!), read this one!




The-Shelter-of-God's-PromisesThe Shelter of God’s Promises 
     by Sheila Walsh
Jenna and I finished this one last week. I recommend it. It’s a heart-warming book of authentic personal stories and Bible stories, one promise at a time.

* * *

What book are you reading?

What's on Your Nightstand at _5 minutes for Books_


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