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Church, where are we?

Two arrested in the last meth bust. Back page news.
The 20-something-man slits his wrist. He fails to die. 

Lord, I need You, I cry aloud
My heart is low, my head is bowed

The teen girl feels unloved. She awaits 18 to leave it behind.
The mom has a death wish. Her plans are mounting.

Please come find me, I am here
I need to know that You are near

A wife stays jailed in her own home. She can’t leave her man.
The girl says this cut will ease the ache. No pain this time.

The sin is harsh and tries to stay
Kick it off, I plead, I pray

And the church in the city
keeps its doors locked at night and
its hearts busy by day and
its rules binding ever tighter.

Where is the Light?
Where is the Love?
Where is their Jesus?

Who has time for coddling slippery slopes when
souls are ripping and
marriages are breaking and
kids are wondering why mommy cries all the time.

Church, where are we?
Church, where are we?
Church, where are we?

I’m here, I’m here, My grip is strong
My grace is deep, My reach is long

Who will hear Him...
Can they tell another...
Won’t someone shine a Light on the dark?

* * *

When things bubble up, and I can’t catch the overflow, I lay them out in words. Sometimes words only in prayer. Sometimes there and here. Today, both.

What are you trying to say? Katie and Stacey say put your hearts on the page and offer them to the One who gave them to you in the first place. Link up here.Write-it-girl


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