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What’s better than better?

James_Tissot_Pharisees_400You know how you work to improve on something, you get better, and then you feel good about yourself?

Don’t go there.
Not without God.

Pride will follow you.
And negate all evidence of your supposed success.

If you haven’t experienced that yet, I praise God for the work God He’s done in you.

But as for me, I’m still a learner. I still get tripped up. I still forget that all good things come from God and never from me.

So this passage by Joseph Stowell stands out to me.
I hope you can’t relate.

The infamous prayer of the Pharisees, “Lord, I thank you that I am not like…,” reflects the proud distance they maintained from the less righteous among them.

It never occurred to them that we are all beggars telling other beggars where to find bread.

Regardless of how we try to cover ourselves, most of us feel that we really are better than those who “live in sin.”

But we are not better—not at all. We are forgiven but not better.
JOSEPH M. STOWELL, Why It’s Hard to Love Jesus

What’s better than better?

* * * 


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