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“Unveiling the Kings of Israel”

Unveiling the Kings of Israel

This beautiful book weaves biblical history and world history together.

Beginning with Genesis, it traces the ancient story of God’s people through the Old Testament and New Testament writings.  Author David Down also includes occasional personal commentary from his own experiences in Israel today.

Scattered throughout are pictures of art and photographs of modern-day sites referenced in the Bible. It also contains 4 appendices of Tabernacle Life, Solomon’s Temple, Dead Sea Scrolls, and individual tables for the Patriarchs, Chronology, and Jewish Weights and Measures.

This would make a great addition to a homeschool curriculum (older kids for the text; younger kids for the pictures) as well as any age student (including me) interested in how the Bible stories connect to the world story at large. 

* * *

My thanks to Master Books for the review copy.


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