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Make a Bible timeline

If I were the devil, one of my first aims would be to stop folks from digging into the Bible.
~ James I. Packer

timeline-divided-kingdomWhich comes first?

     a. George Washington becomes president
     b. Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain
     c. Abraham Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation

Put these in order:

     a. Moses parts the Red Sea
     b. Esther takes a stand for her people
     c. Solomon builds the temple

If we can get the first sequence correct with ease (b,a,c), why not the second (a,c,b)?

Know more to love more

And does it matter? Would better knowing the sequence of biblical events help us love God more?

It depends.
Do motives matter?

If you have your child in training to win a Bible Bowl trophy or you want to impress your Sunday School teacher or you’re trying to get an A in a seminary class, bone up on your Bible timeline. It will help you reach those goals, for better or worse.

But if you’re simply (simply?) trying to follow the greatest command (Matthew 22:36-40), then perhaps you also should consider a timeline.

Not to be smarter (1 Corinthians 8:1). But to love more.

Put it in order

Just as knowing the order of U.S. Presidents won’t necessarily make us a better American citizen, so knowing the order of Israel and Judah’s kings may not make us a better citizen in God’s kingdom.

But if the history of God’s people was recorded in the sacred Scriptures to build up our faith in Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15-16), every word God-breathed and valuable, then wouldn’t we benefit by putting it in order?

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(I’m at Do Not Depart today.)

* * *

The more we know his story, the more we’ll know him.
And the more we know him, the more we’ll love him.
And the more we love him, the more we’ll love others.

His legacy of love moves forward.

Do you have a favorite Bible resource? Please share!
How has knowing God’s history helped build your faith?


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