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When your computer crashes, it takes a village

Or, How to live in community

I saw the signs so I knew it was coming. I was losing power on my laptop. Wednesday it totally died. Unfortunately, I let my spirit go down a little with it.

When we find ourselves struggling, God doesn’t expect us to go it alone. He designed us for community. He not only wants us to help each other, but also to be helped by each other. (And the latter is often hardest.)

Here are five key players in every good community
(and five reasons I’m back on-line):

1. Info source

My friend Stuart is a walking encyclopedia on many subjects, including technology. He gave me specs to look for in a new computer, among much other help in setting up my new one.

But he’s also a great source for Bible knowledge. He’s one of my go-to friends for scriptures when I’m questioning something; I know he’ll give me straight Truth. We all need a collection of friends whom we can ask even our stupid questions and know we’ll get good answers.

2. Mr. Fix-It

Jack took my old laptop Wednesday night after church, and within a short time was texting us that he had a temporary fix for it already. I’m convinced the man can create or fix anything. (My laptop fix involved camouflage duct tape, so Jack gets extra points for that.)

I’m thankful God puts people in our lives who can help us out of jams, show us how to make things right again, help us take our broken pieces to the Lord. I’m blessed with many ladies—in person and on-line—who help me with soul repairs.

3. The nudger

My daughter Jenna gently pushed me over and over to think about buying a new computer even months ago. Then on Wednesday night when we stopped at Best Buy so I could try out keyboards in person before I purchased anything online, she helped me pull the trigger to buy something right then.

I really need these kind of people in my life, those willing to give me that extra push when I’m wavering, when I’m scared to take that final leap of faith. You, too?

4. The salesman

I admit I don’t always appreciate these people like I should. I wasn’t even sure the Best Buy guy was knowledgeable. But when he directed me away from a more expensive model I was asking about to a less expensive model, I started listening to him. And he eventually sold me.

I need salesmen in my Christian walk too—people who are excited enough about their own ministries and calling that they open my eyes to new things and new ways of seeing God at work. 

5. A ground floor

Jeff, my husband, is my foundation man, the one who keeps me centered on what really matters. He listened to me whine about my computer woes, without condemning me for my pettiness or indulging my desire to get a new one right away.

We all need at least one special friend we can truly trust to give us wise advice, someone who loves us and loves God. I’m blessed that mine happens to my spouse; I know it’s not that way for everyone.

So now that my new laptop is up and running, and my old laptop is running enough for me to pull all my info from, my mood has returned to normal.

But I’m praying that maybe the next time my computer crashes (and I’m sure there’ll be a next time), I’ll be more mature and handle it better from the beginning.

Either way, I’m thankful God has placed me in a community God of people who give and love and support me, no matter what!

* * *

Do you have a community that helps you out of jams?


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