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OCTOBER 2011 Posts

Where is your peace? (10/31)
Truth mirror (10/30)
More than a label (10/30)
“Burn Us Up” (10/29)
When your computer crashes (10/28)
Self-Understanding and Self-Giving (10/27)
I don't like messes (10/26)
What's on your nightstand—Oct '11 (10/25)
Who do you think you are? (10/24)
Avoid burnout: Introduce uncertainty (10/23)
“Yearn” (10/22)
Friday's Fave Five # 117 (10/21)
Handpicked (10/20)
The Community of Celebration (10/19)
When your home key quits working (10/19)
The cost of paying attention (10/18)
What is it? (10/17)
Do you read it every day? (10/16)
“Before the Throne of God Above” (10/15)
God's presence through Brother Lawrence and Alexander (10/14)
How to starve a soul (10/13)
The conquest of evil (10/12)
How do you spell hope? (10/12)
4 ways to give away the Word (10/11)
Ten on Ten—October (10/10)
What age is old? (10/10
What do you have to give? (10/9)
On a day in October (10/7)
Take a knee (10/6)
The cross reveals who God is (10/6)
What if you're still hungry? (10/5)
A change of seasons (10/4)
The light of mindfulness (10/3)
Vomit of the soul (10/2)
“Look Like a Fool” (10/1)


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