A night in Holland

Nobody knew what to expect when she was born.

She was beautiful, but things weren’t right.

So her family prayed.
And our church prayed.
And I prayed.

Her medical label was eventually “Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy.”

But everyone who knew her family knew better.
Kaitlyn was “Loved.”

loving-miss-KaitlynAs the years have passed, Kaitlyn has continued to grow. She has faced and overcome multiple problems on multiple levels.

But one thing has never changed: she remains very loved.

So in honor of Kaitlyn and her beloved family, her close-knit church family marked a special evening Saturday night for friends to bless them with funds for a much-needed ramp van.

And someone must have remembered to invite Jesus.
Because He showed up too.

  • Through the hands that grilled steaks
  • Through the artisans who donated items for auction
  • Through the workers who set up tables
  • Through the friends who gave funds
  • Through the kids who served food

And through Kaitlyn’s mom and dad who spoke to us.

Her dad Philip shared some miraculous stories of how the Lord has taught him great lessons in love through loving Kaitlyn.

And her mom Karla shared the story of “Welcome to Holland.”

No, they didn’t get the “trip to Italy” that all parents expect when they have a baby.

But instead they got a “trip to Holland.”
And the things they’re seeing in Holland are beautiful.

Including this night with friends and family.
Karla said it was one of their best nights in Holland so far.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

I add to my count of 1000 gifts of grace:

# 333—344

~ church families
~ benefit dinners
~ steak and potatoes
~ knowing Kaitlyn
~ knowing Kaitlyn’s precious parents and two sisters
~ a table of friends who feel the same as I do
~ catching up with friends from long ago
~ ramp vans
~ a night in Holland
~ answered prayers
~ unanswered prayers
~ a God who shows up in all kinds of ways

* * *


Barbara H. said...

I have loved that piece about Holland ever since I first saw it in a Dear Abby or Ann Landers column years ago. It can apply to all manner of unexpected journeys in life.

Lisa notes... said...

I so agree, Barbara. None of our lives have turned out exactly as we had expected, so looking for the grace where we are is always the right step toward contentment.

And we eventually come to realize there is more grace here than what we could have ever planted on our own there. God is far kinder and wiser than we can dream of being…

SeeingStars said...

What a gorgeous photo! I'm glad the Drummonds were blessed with a wonderful evening, friends who express their love through service and sharing a meal, the assistance in purchasing the van, and the peace and purpose they have in Christ. Kaitlyn is loved indeed.

floyd said...

You shared that story beautifully. I'm touched by God and the love of His children through your post today. What a blessing to be part of a wonderful family. Amazing how God uses Kaitlyn to bring His children together.

Donna said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing what being loved looks like! Grateful to God, the Love who enables Kaitlyn and all those who love her to know love.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful...kaitlyn lovely smile...
Thanks for sharing this..

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family, and a lovely story...Thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

How beautiful loving others is. I am so touched by how you all showed that love and Jesus showed up!!!

This is the first time I have read the piece about Holland. Funny thing is though... my dream trip would be to Holland since that is where my mom and grandparents were born.

Debbie Petras said...

I love to read how church families come together to help one another. What a blessing to read about Kaitlyn and her family.

Blessings and love,


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