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Make your home a house of prayer


    I'll bring them to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. They'll be welcome to worship the same as the 'insiders,' to bring burnt offerings and sacrifices to my altar.
    Oh yes, my house of worship will be known as a house of prayer for all people.

    Isaiah 56:7 (Msg)

I did the class assignment. I took a paper house into the rooms of my physical house. Read scriptures. And prayed.

For my calling. My marriage and family. My friends and neighbors. My appetites. Myself.

Inviting Jesus in. To deeper places than he’d been invited before.

How do you turn your house into a permanent house of prayer?

There are outside things.

Pray at set times 
        in thanksgiving over meals 
              before a nighttime’s sleep
                    prior to a trip away

Pray with certain people 
        your most treasured friend
              the children you’re leading and the parents you’re honoring
                    fellow travelers on your journey

Pray in particular places 
        at the foot of a child’s bed
              in the middle of God’s wondrous creation
                    in the waiting room of the weakened


There are inside things.

But for your house to truly be a house of prayer, your prayers must spring from the inside out.

Pray any time. All the time.
Pray with any person. All persons.
Pray any place. All places.

Make the time.
Be the person.
Claim the place.

You ARE the house of prayer.


* * * * *

revised from the archives

How do you make your house a house of prayer?

1 comment:

floyd said...

I just shared else where that even though our oldest two girls are older, we still try to have a family meal as often as we can, at which we take turns praying, It's very powerful.
The years reading and praying with the kids at bed time I miss deeply.
Pray without ceasing. Thanks for the reminder...


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