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A hot day in June

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my window...90’s and sunny

I am thinking...about how I was caring for my mom at this time last year

I am thankful...that we felt peace about the decisions we had to make back then

I am wondering...what I’d change if I could do it over, but I can’t do it over, so I won’t wonder about this for long

I am realizing...I’m not as healed as I thought I was from losing my parents (and why does this realization always surprise me?)

In the learning rooms...I’ve started filling out calendar dates and writing checks for the coming (and final! aaack!) school year

In the kitchen...are remains of some good watermelon eating

I am eating...popcorn

I am build in a few pockets of “nothing” into my schedule this summer

I am sending...addresses to Morgan for a few more to invite to the wedding

I am wearing...the red “One for Y’all” Alabama tornado relief shirt and blue jean shorts and bare feet

I am creating...a how-to guide for making a Bible notebook to post on Tuesday at Do Not Depart

I am missing...our Sunday afternoon singings, among other things

I am have our willow stump dug up today and hoping I won’t lose all three azaleas around it

I am looking forward to...meeting again with the whole El Salvador mission team from all three churches this Saturday

I am reading...Margin; Christianity and Liberalism; A Praying Life (and a few know my reading list is always out of control)

I am retention of Spanish will miraculously improve in the next month

I am appreciating...spending time with the Mother/Daughter book study group with my daughter, nieces, and sisters

I am hearing...nothing but the ceiling fan in my bedroom (and lovin’ it)

I am studying...Philippians 1:27-30

I am praying...for humility and a contented heart for me, and for Morgan and Fuller’s new marriage in less than 2 months, and for friends in my Life Talk, and...

I am pondering these words...“It is not enough to know that Jesus is a Person worthy of trust; it is also necessary to know that He is willing to have us trust Him. It is not enough that He saved others; we need to know also that He has saved us.”
~ J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism

One of my favorite things...the new (to us) car that we got Jenna this week

I am tired of...being tired

One of my favorite places...and I’m scheming how I can spend more time here so I won’t be as tired


* * *

What’s one of your favorite things to do in June?

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Julie said...

NEW header!...Kind of like getting a new haircut....people notice these things on Blogger...:-)

My cousin's daddy died this past Monday - spent quite a while at the funeral receiving event last night (long line) and pondered a lot...yes... I still feel the pain...It was November, but really not that long ago...these things have a way of pulling up afresh those memories and that day...
I too, am tired of being tired!! :-) Looking for that oasis in the desert! :-)...(do we call that burnout, ya think?) And..what am I most going to like doing this June of 2011??? Being with my hubby for 5 days when he flies in Tuesday pm!!!!
(cue the applause/cheers/whistle machine!!!!!) seeing the light at the end of this one tunnel in our journey together....(well not together for right now...)but God willing - SOON!
God's grace IS sufficient.. I deeply know that, where I stand today. Without it, many people would not be standing. I am grateful today. Hugs to you Lisa. thanks for inspiration to consistently count blessings.... Gratitude - hands down - is the BEST attitude. xo

Lisa notes... said...

No, November is not long ago at all. My mom died in September and sometimes it feel like forever, but other times like it was yesterday. Time is weird. Sorry about your cousin’s dad. Funerals are sad for lots of reasons but I do enjoy getting to see relatives there that I don’t see very often. Hope you got to experience that last night.

I know you’re looking forward to Tuesday! 5 days! I pray you enjoy every second of it. And I know you’ll be glad when you’ll get to be in the same town again EVERY day. I’m excited for you.

Nancy said...

Good stuff here. I keep meaning to check out The Simple Woman's Daybook. Thanks for the reminder. Margin is a great read, and watermelon really is the taste of summer, isn't it? Hope you're having fun (like I told you to) with the wedding plans. And, no, the healing from losing your parents will never be complete, not this side of eternity. Gives us one more thing to long for, yes?

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Nancy. I do remember you telling me to enjoy the wedding planning. Basically, so far, so good! :-) Morgan is really making good decisions and not belaboring anything so it’s been enjoyable.

Yes, I do long for heaven more with each passing family member and friend…

Barbara H. said...

It's way hot already here, too, this morning. So glad for AC, except I don't want to leave my house! :-)

I don't know that I would apply the word "healed" to dealing with the death of parents. If I did compare it to a wound or an injury, it's one that would always be a little tender, always subject to unexpected flare-ups. Your having lost both parents relatively close in time to each other would make it all the more so.

Lisa notes... said...

Good point, Barbara. I probably need to let go of the concept of “healed.” Maybe that’s one reason I keep getting blindsided.

I know from you and others that you never “get over” losing your parents, but that the pain does lessen with time. I think I’ve tried to be on the fast-track and that’s not happening.

Thanks for being patient with me… The Lord is good to put godly believers (like you) in my life who have walked this path already and are willing to guide me through this.

Melissa said...

It's been near 100° here in Virginia for a couple of days now. ICK! I'm not a summer person at all! Give me autumn nights and bonfires any day!

I still haven't gotten to Margin. Maybe that should tell me something! What are you reading for the Mother/Daughter book club?

Sorry you are so tired. I've been sick since the end of February, and I'm OVER IT. Finally starting to feel a little better. Praise the Lord!

Lisa notes... said...

I think about you every time I read Margin. I didn’t know you hadn’t read it yet. Yes, that is revealing. Ha. But you are where I heard of it. So when it came up free for the Kindle, I snatched it. I’m really enjoying it so far. I think you’ll like it when you get enough margin in your life to read it. :-) I join God in thanking Him for you feeling better! If I could just get more sleep at night I would feel better.

100 is too hot; 90 is fine. I love summer.

For the Mother/Daughter group we are reading “Love Wins.” It’s controversial, I know, but we are having some excellent discussion and questioning. I think it will push us all deeper into the Word to dig for answers.

Craig said...

I read through it all – and smiled – until I got to the lack of sleep thing. I understand lack of sleep. Don't let it go on too long before you get it checked out. I have prayed.

I'm not sure if I told you this but I stopped memorizing Philippians. I found it was stealing time from regular Bible reading – and there's just so much of it – I missed just reading. I went through the first chapter. I don't think it's a failure – I gave up on purpose - for a purpose. I heart reading you Lisa. God bless you.

Lisa notes... said...

I admire you for stopping, Craig. On purpose. It’s definitely not a failure. We should always be willing to stop a good thing to pursue a better thing.

Thanks for praying. I know you understand the sleep thing (or lack thereof). Not easy.

Rebecca said...

I look forward to seeing the Bible notebook post on Tuesday. I wouldn't worry about your azaleas. They are a resilient plant.

Lisa notes... said...

Well, it’s looking like it’s a moot point about my azaleas since they guys haven’t returned yet to get the stump. :-( We didn’t pay them in advance for the big work they did for us, but did give them the extra in advance to come back for the stump. Hopefully they’re just busy and will come get it next week instead of Thursday like they promised. But thanks for the encouragement on the azaleas. And about the notebook post. I love notebooks. :-)


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