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Friday’s Fave Five # 106

1. Bridal shoot
Watching my baby girl play dress-up in her wedding gown and my other baby girl take pictures of her is definitely a favorite of my week. In 43 days she’ll become a wife...and I’ll get a son!

I took a few pictures on Saturday too....


2. Commitments in Small Group
I purposed on Sunday afternoon that I would take deep breaths this week and chill out with God before the summer gets crazier.

So in our small group that night, I was surprised (but shouldn’t have been) when the topic was: choose an area to be purposeful in this week. I love when God coordinates things like that.

3. Peach cobbler
So having the great husband that I do, he purposed to keep me out of the kitchen as much as possible this week. He’s cooked some great meals, including his granny’s yummy peach cobbler Monday night (lots of butter involved!).

4. Swimsuit shopping
It’s a stretch to include “swimsuit shopping” and “favorite” in the same post because swimsuit shopping is the worst to me (especially after eating so much peach cobbler).

But I actually found something comfortable in a short amount of time on Tuesday. Whew.

5. Spanish songs
I received the music for our Spanish VBS songs a couple weeks ago. But hearing the words without seeing them was REALLY hard for me to learn. So this week I asked for and received both Spanish and English lyrics for the songs.

I’m praying now I can learn them before we go to El Salvador to sing them with hundreds of kids each day.

* * *

What’s been a favorite of yours this week?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

ooohhh peach cobbler...yummy! And, a bathing suit that fits and looks did have a nice week.

Lisa notes... said...

Well, I didn't say the swimming suit looks good. :-) But it is comfortable. I'd rather have on shorts and a t-shirt, given the choice.

Faith said...

Oh yummy...peach cobbler! Bless your hubby!! How exciting that you have a daughter getting married...I'm a bit far from that yet but I can only imagine the excitement in the home. Have a blessed weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

It's so neat when God coordinates things like that!

43 days! Wow! Love that photo.

Haven't had peach cobbler in ages. Sounds so good.

Swimsuits are some of the hardest clothing items to shop for. Glad you found a suitable one in a relatively short time.

I'd have a hard time learning a foreign language song just by ear, too. Glad you got both English and Spanish lyrics -- it's easier to sing knowing exactly what your singing about. Can't wait to hear about the El Salvador trip!

Trisha said...

What an exciting time for you and your family, Lisa! Your daughter is simply lovely. I'm sure the peach cobbler tasted even better because your Beloved made it. :)

Love and hugs!!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

God is so awesome in how He orchestrates our life so we can "get" the messages He is sending us. Your post on margin really spoke to me as well.

I am just getting back into life after having a broken shoulder and I am trying to be careful about adding too much back into the schedule. I think I'll pull out my Margin book in order to remind myself of the principles. Thanks for the reminder.

ellen b. said...

Oh boy a wedding coming soon. Your daughter is lovely. Hope the day is a wonderful celebration for all of you.
Peach cobbler...yum...butter...yum. I'm so glad you found a suit pain free! That is a good thing.

Brenda said...

Bathing suit shopping IS stressful and something to be stressful for when you find one that fits!

TXDidi said...

Oh, peach cobbler AND someone else cooking has got to be right up there with some of my favorite things. Delicious! And how exciting to have a wedding coming up in the near future. Best of wishes to your daughter and congratulations on the upcoming new son-in-law.

Katie said...

Sounds like some great favorites!

My favorite this week: getting to hug on some wonderful kids at work.

Susanne said...

Oh peach cobbler. Yummy. I haven't made that in forever. Will have to remedy that.

I am going to avoid the whole swimsuit shopping thing this year I hope.

I love the pics on your link of your daughter taking the pictures of the bride.

Anonymous said...

How exciting for your family with wedding plans afoot. The photo you took is so warm and beautiful.

Catherine said...

I'll look forward to seeing the photos of the beautiful bride in her gown. (and what a sweet post about your other daughter's photography skills!)

I loved #2! It's so cool when God says Hello so clearly!

I'm sure your VBS songs will be as sweet as the peach cobbler (one of my faves!) in short order.


Trish @ In So Many Words said...

What a wonderful week on so many levels! Your daughter will make a beautiful bride, and yay for having a husband who not only cooks, but bakes as well. :)


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