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When you feel inadequate

It was a day of exposing my inadequacies. Ever have one of those?

Saturday began with a photography class. I love taking photos, but I admit: I’m scared of the M on my camera (for “Manual” in case you don’t use it either).Savannah_Silver_photographySo when my awesomely gifted friend offered a class, I jumped on it. Saturday morning she taught about aperture and exposure and shutter speed. And I learned I have tons more to learn. That’s actually very exciting to me and fun, but still...

I felt pretty inadequate.

After class, I drove up the mountain for a team-building activity with fellow teammates traveling to El Salvador this summer. Larry from Challenge Point was leading us in zany scenarios involving balls, boards, and ropes. I knew I was in trouble from the get-go.saving_the_bucketI was totally out of my comfort zone. My greatest contribution was to step aside and follow directions from the other teammates. (And once to climb on Jeff’s shoulders to retrieve a ball of asteroids that would explode on the radioactive planet we weren’t allowed to step foot on.)

Yeah, not exactly my thing. [Pictures here of “Killer Pigs of El Salvador]
So even though Larry made it great fun and I totally enjoyed hanging out with the crew...

I felt pretty inadequate.

When that was over, we spent Saturday evening watching Jenna’s ballet recital on Ruth and Naomi.
[And no, of course I didn’t take these photos! Ashley’s mom did. Thanks, Amy!]

Could I name the dance steps? Duplicate the movements? Even *think* about wearing one of those costumes? A big NO. I’m totally out of my league with the ballet world. So even though I was super proud of the beautiful ballerinas...

I felt pretty inadequate.


When I felt inadequate with photography,
     God gave me Savannah to explain things.

When I felt inadequate with spatial problem-solving,
     God put smart men in my path who freely gave me directions. ;-)

When I felt inadequate with no ability to perform ballet moves,
     God let me delight in watching those who can perform it beautifully.

So when you feel inadequate, don’t sweat it.

You’re supposed to be inadequate.
Nobody can do it all or know it all or be it all.

God wants us dependent. On each other. On Him.

If we could do it all ourselves, we’d be a proud people, never giving glory to the Lord.

And if no one ever needed our help, how would we learn to serve?

God made us as individual parts of a body (Romans 12:4-5). Not a complete unit by ourselves. He knows that together is better than alone. Look at the Trinity—three in one. It’s one way we’re designed in their image after their likeness (Genesis 1:26).

As we grow, we’re to grow together, not grow apart. So when one feels inadequate, another fills the gap. God puts us with others in the exact ways that are best (1 Corinthians 12:18).

Teamwork is His design.
And his designs are all good.
All grace.

Will you count graces with me?

# 218....220
~ Skilled photographers willing to teach newbies
~ The M setting on my camera; we’re warming up to each other
~ Multiple moments worth capturing to share with others

# 221....223
~ Different skills spread out among different people
~ The ability to follow directions
~ Feeling safe in good hands and kind heartsme_and_magic_Mike# 224....226
~ The beauty of ballet
~ The grace of color and music and movement
~ Doting relatives on a deserving young ladyJenna_and_aunts# 227....229
~ The feeling and actuality of inadequacy
~ A God who knows the skills we need
~ And the skills we don’t

* * *

How do you make peace with your inadequacies?

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Julie said...

Grateful for your "Inadequacies" post...spoke to me and encouraged me greatly!!! rah! Thank you Lisa for inspiration. You are quite adequate to motivate others to turn to the Lord and feel HIS grace, dispensed for all shortcomings and weaknesses we experience in our hearts, heads and daily walks. Counting my gratitudes over here. Hugs!!

Lisa notes... said...

Julie, your words always encourage ME. I love how you continue to seek hard after the Lord and find good things to rejoice in, despite the distance you have to endure from your guys. God’s grace reaches all of us right where we need it, huh? He is good! Praying you have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

I don't know if I had ever thought about it in quite these words before, but it dawned on me while reading your post that feeling inadequate might well be the first step to growth. But we so love our comfort zones that we don't like to step out of them and test our inadequacies.

Good for you for braving new ventures and taking new steps!

Lisa notes... said...

It’s hard for me to step out in areas where I feel so clueless and don’t even feel capable of learning. With the photography stuff, at least I *think* I could learn it given the right amount of time and instruction (but only that by the grace of God keeping my mind somewhat clear!).

But the challenges we had on Saturday afternoon with the boards & balls, my mind just doesn’t work that way no matter how hard I try. It definitely is a real-life example of how truly dependent I am on others’ abilities in areas where, honestly, I feel outright stupid. I sure don’t like that feeling! It’s humbling and steps on my pride. I do hope it is a step towards growth though... I need grace, grace, grace.

Rachel said...

Great post,
# 227....229
~ The feeling and actuality of inadequacy
~ A God who knows the skills we need
~ And the skills we don’t

All is grace

Deborah said...

Loving #218-220. As a new member in the photography club, I can relate. The "M" scares me on most days. Thanks for sharing.


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