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Joy in the planting

bedding_plantsI love a bed of beautiful flowers. It’s fruit.
But the early digging and anticipatory dreaming are pleasures too.

  • It’s not about just training kids to be responsible adults;
         it’s about enjoying their childhoods now.
  • It’s not just learning a new song to later play with ease; 
         it’s being entranced by a new melody now.
  • It’s not just preparing to live in heaven;
         it’s delighting in Jesus now.

That’s God’s grace.
Pure gifts. Now.

I continue seeking those. And finding. Now.

Radio_Flyer_wagon# 120....125
~ bedding plants
~ Lowe’s garden department
~ pops of pink and white and yellow
~ Radio Flyer wagon
~ a warm open Saturday morning
~ first iris of the spring

piggy# 126....129
~ pink-nosed daughter
~ in-laws who never tire of driving
~ movie-star chickens
~ fun-to-say words in Bulbous Bouffant

# 130....132
~ Senior Sunday
~ insect repellant
~ my very gifted budding photographer budding photographer

# 133
~ love of a good man engaging my very happy daughterat the play

# 134....135
~ promise of more beauty later in the beauty now
~ the God who makes it somarigold

You don’t hold out on me for later.
You bless me now.

* * *

Where are you finding joy now?


Jenna said...

I love all your photos, mommy! With the exception of that one with my legs all screwy. :P
love you!

Lisa notes... said...

Keep teaching me.
Your "legs all screwy" is the sign of a great photographer. You'll do what it takes to get the shot. :-)

Kathleen@so much to say said...

Jenna, I think she's right. And I want to see the picture being taken while the legs were all screwy. :) Someday I'll move photography up my list, too!

I love this list.

Anna @path of treasure said...

Beautiful list, Lisa, just delightful!! Thank you!

Trisha said...

Beautiful post, Lisa!! Yes, joy in the journey and not just rushing through to the final product. :) You have a delightful family,my friend.

Laura said...

I agree with Jenna--your photos are lovely! And this? Such a beautiful list of blessings. I'm counting with you. Maybe Jenna will teach me too :)

Donna said...

Lisa, your post today and your photos brought me joy! I am still smiling...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lisa. It is so important to enjoy NOW and not wait for later. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

Debbie Petras said...

Lisa, I love your lists of simple blessings too! I especially love your photo of the couple on the railroad tracks. And btw, thank you for each visit you make to Heart
Choices. I've not been visiting as often as I like lately with the job schedule. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Blessings and love,

Amy Nabors said...

Love your list! Such beautiful graces!


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