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Is this a Holy Week?

Holy_week_timelineThey call it Holy Week.

  • Jesus started as the center of an exuberant parade (Matthew 21:9).
  • Later he overturned tables of money-changers (Matthew 21:12).
  • He commended a poor widow for a small donation (Luke 21:1-4).
  • A grateful worshiper poured oil on his head (Matthew 26:7).
  • He ate a last supper with his disciples (Matthew 26:20).
  • He sweated out prayers to his Father in a garden (Matthew 26:36).
  • A buddy betrayed him (Matthew 26:50).
  • He yielded himself to be nailed to a cross in sin (Matthew 27:31,50).
  • He defeated death and arose (Luke 24:6).

Yes, he had a holy week.

My week?

Let’s see...

  • It started with a beautiful parade of ballet dancers.
  • Later I got frustrated (unrighteously so) at the thrift store.
  • I spent $3 on a stranger who was probably on crack.
  • A sweet Easter card arrived in the mail from Lynn.
  • I ate chicken fingers and leftovers with Jenna.
  • I asked God, “Is this poison oak?” while pulling weeds in my flower bed.
  • I talked rudely to my buddy.
  • I read about submission in a book.
  • I took Advil for my backache that just won’t die.

A holy week? It’s had its moments, but overall?
It hasn’t felt like a very holy week.

because his week was holy,
mine is too.

Because me and my ordinary weeks are important to him—important enough to die for—they are now valuable.

Even when they don’t appear beneficial,
he redeems them as useful.
Set apart.

Looks can be deceiving.
Holiness doesn’t always wear a halo.

Thank him this week that his holy week transforms yours into one too.
Your days are sacred because God is present in them.

* * *

If you are in Christ, do you realize how special even your ordinary days are?

Download the PDF or view in high resolution:
Holy Week Timeline Visualization


Barbara H. said...

I struggle with doing "fun" things during Holy Week and have felt almost guilty, thinking this week should be somber and contemplative. And there is need for such times. But I also remind myself that we can have joy precisely because of His death and resurrection, and everything we do can be hallowed because we do it for Him and it is acceptable because of Him.

Lisa notes... said...

Well said, Barbara! Our joy was bought at the highest price and it brings God honor when we use it.

Cherry Warrick said...

Thank you, Lisa ... this is beautiful. So amazing to think about. And I love this: "Your days are sacred because God is present in them."

tinuviel said...

because his week was holy,
mine is too."

Thank you for this. My day started out full of ordinary busyness and distraction. The reminder to refocus on His holiness and power to redeem my ordinary and unholy moments and days spoke to me.

The Lord bless you!

Aimee Esparaz said...

Thanks for stopping by today, Lisa. Thanks also for the reminder that our ordinary days are special to God!

Anonymous said...

"Your days are sacred because God is present in them."
Thank you Lisa !

Elaine said...

I so needed to read your words today. Thank you for breathing holiness into my week. Here's hoping you have a blessed week, if not a holy one!

Monica Sharman said...

Yes, not only has He shown me that the ordinary days are special, but also the down and discouraged days.

Thanks for that timeline link!

happygirl said...

The days remind me He knew what was coming and walked through all the week had to offer. Thanks for this.

Amy W Thornton said...

It's hard in the midst of the mundane to recognize that these unremarkable days of mine can be sacred because of the presence of God. But oh, how true this is! Thank you so much for reminding me of the sacredness present in His presence. And that I live in His presence.

Brian Miller said...

pulling weeds is surely holy...hands in the dirt...sure enough...and chicken fingers, well they certainly make me think good thoughts...smiles. hope you have a wonderful easter...

Carrie Van Horn said...

Lisa your humbleness is a holy thing....and I just love this post...there is a lovely older song that is called "Its Never For Nothing"....all the little things we do may seem insignificant....but they are never for nothing....they are part of a bigger plan. :-)

Joybird said...

Holiness doesn't always wear a halo, I like this.

Lynn Severance said...

The calendar does set aside this stretch of time to commenorate the events that directly led to the Cross and Resurrection.

However, as you said Lisa - we are living out the holy in the "ordinary" which is really extraordinary because of all Christ did from His birth to his earthly death and triumph over death.

He was "holy" during each day of his earthly life doing all that He was called to do and I am sure a few "weeds" were pulled - or nails and wood chips cleared up in Joseph's carpenter shop!

xoxo Happy Easter

Unknown said...

I love that He has taught us how to find holiness in the mundane and the ordinary, even during this special time. And, I love that He meets us wherever we are -- in the garden, at our children's schools, at work -- and gives us His eyes to see for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your days our holy because He has made them so.

In the mundane of life, every moment is comes from Him.

Mrs. M.

Mommy Emily said...

Holiness doesn’t always wear a halo.

or if it does, it's often crooked :) i love how you contrasted your week with Jesus', and how honest you were/are. it really struck me that i don't have to do anything in particular. by his being, he makes me holy. thank you, sweet lisa.

Brother Ollie said...

That is a Holy week...great thoughts to ponder.

Rachel said...

I like that "but...because his week was holy mine is too." Have a blessed Easter.

alittlebitograce said...

I have started to see the holy in my ordinary as I watch God take my normal everyday things and use them for His glory. The divine appointments in my everyday life open my eyes to the reality that He is always here at work in me.

Anonymous said...

What a week, Holy Week - all that Jesus did in just 7 days. All that love and outreach - so graciously given. It certainly reminds me that there is so much more I could do with my time - in just a week's span!

Have a blessed Easter!


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