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What I want for Easter

cemetery bench

When you drop off your kids at school,
do you weep as though you’ll never see them again?
When you drop off your spouse at the store and park the car,
do you bid a final forever farewell?

No. When you say, “I’ll see you soon,” you mean it.

When you stand in the cemetery and stare down
at the soft, freshly turned earth and promise,
“I’ll see you soon,” you speak truth.

Reunion is a splinter of an eternal moment away.
~ Max Lucado, Max on Life

What do I want for Easter?
Not a new dress. 
Or baby ducklings.
Or chocolate eggs (well, maybe one?).

What do I want for Easter?
Not separation.

I fear separations. Losing someone I love.
It’s a high-ranking fear.
That’s why I’m nervous when my kids drive off. I’m afraid they’ll be in an accident, and the loss would be too heavy.

It’s the first Easter here without either of my parents.
My mom always sent the grandkids Easter cards with a few dollars. (And Valentine’s cards. And Halloween cards...).

No Easter card will arrive from my mom in next month’s mail.

I still miss her. Terribly. And my dad. Is it okay to still say that, in light of a new year? An upcoming Easter?

But I know Easter is about reunion.
And I’m grateful, so grateful, that my parents are reunited with each other and more so with Jesus.

And I’m grateful, so grateful, that I am united with Jesus already.
And one day will be reunited with him more fully.

I enjoy now.
But I anticipate later.

God is glorified when I rest in the separation, find peace in the parting, because I trust him with what comes next.

Separation is temporary.
But reunion is forever.

That’s what I want, the promised resurrection of Easter.
I know it’s mine.
And it comes next.

O LORD, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am! 
…And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.
Psalm 39:4, 7

* * *

What do you anticipate about Easter?


Brenda said...

This is so good. Expresses my desires and fears. I need to not focus on the loss of Mom but how quickly compared to time in eternity) I will be with her and most of all see Jesus.

justcallmerie said...

What a lovely post, Lisa. It took a while to read because of the misty eyes.

I know what you mean about your children. A loss too heavy it would be indeed.

I will be praying for you, my friend, through this holiday and the ones to come.

Rest easy.

Amy Nabors said...

Beautiful post. And what a wonderful verse in Psalm. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara H. said...

Yes, it's perfectly okay to say that, and will be for the next 50+ years. :-) Though the separation seems long now, it will seem but a few moments compared to eternity when we get there.

Cara Sexton said...

Thanks for visiting, and for sharing your words and your thoughts. Prayers for you, for this season of missing, of loss. <3

Lynn Severance said...

Lisa, yes - your feeling of loss and this time of grieving is so strong. in many ways the feelings never leave, perhaps soften.

I had a surprise the first Easter after my Mom died ( and Easter that year came one month after she died). I had been through the Holy Week services where the focus is on the Cross.The services are designed to be somber so that we are reflective.

Yet when I arrived to the Sunday morning service I "discovered" my Mom there in new way as I could see her singing in the heavenly choir! I remember saying audibly as I walked into the sanctuary all alive and brightened after the visual emptiness in the days before - "It's Easter"!

Easter became more real for me knowing that my Mom was experiencing it in its total reality.

Nancy said...

You never stop missing your daddy. Mom is still on this side of eternity, but I suspect the same will be true when she goes home to glory. I remember the first Easter after my dad died. Dad was one of the few folks who didn't go to church on Easter Sunday (like everyone else). His allergies were so bad that he couldn't stand being in the church filled with Easter flowers. I remember being surprised by joy that first Easter Sunday, knowing that Dad was in heaven and his allergies didn't bother him anymore.

Misty said...

i love that last line of the max lucado quote. it reminds me of an often quoted by me one by cs lewis where he likes our entrapment w/ time b/cs we are actually eternal beings ot fish out of water who only notice they're out of water when they are out of it. (that's an extreme paraphrase, in case you can't tell!)
but truly, reunion. this is the grace of easter entirely, isn't it?

Unknown said...

My grandmother died last Easter. I can relate to your every word, but the pain, oh the pain is still so real. And as much as I know she is in reunion, I long, so long to be with her right in this moment.

Beautiful words.

Brian Miller said...

reunion is such a sweet promise that comes with easter...parting is hard, but He can provide the comfort needed to rest in it...

Joybird said...

My own Dad always says "Heaven's shores get sweeter the more loved ones I have there." May your grieving be thorough, deep, sweet and soon ended. I know your love and desire for reunion will remain until it is satisfied.

Jodi said...

Hugs and comfort as you miss your mom. I hate when my kids drive away in their cars or fly away on planes. Hate it. Love costs.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Wow, you're so ahead! So far all I'm anticipating about Easter is the end of Lent :) I'll have to think about it. I like the theme of reunion, though.....

Mommy Emily said...

oh lisa... what a tender post. i have tears. there is so much heart here... i cannot wait to be reunited. i long for the day...

Brandee Shafer said...

Thank You, Jesus, for, "See you later," instead of, "Goodbye." Great post. Visiting from Emily's.

Bethany Ann said...

sometimes i feel guilty about missing people. then i remember that God gave me these people to be cherished and these feelings to prove that i'm alive... incomplete, but alive. and i rejoice -- oh, i rejoice! -- with you as we anticipate our reunions!!


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