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Pray to BLESS

because its not her birthdayWhile I try to pray for my family every day (and fail often), I also try to give them each their own day of the week for more extended offerings. Jeff is Monday, Morgan is Tuesday,....

And while I don’t want to use a formula, I do use this guideline that I saw a few years ago:

  • B – Body
    Specific physical needs, purity issues, and health in general
  • L – Labor
    Work, school, and ministry-related issues, which include much more than just paying jobs
  • E – Emotions
    Stability in various circumstances, healthy expressions of feelings, self-control,...
  • S – Social
    Relationships with other people, including family members, friends, acquaintances, strangers
  • S – Spiritual
    Relationship with God. It’s last but it’s most important.

This blessing can cover most everything in a life.

So when Bonnie asked us to write today about emotional rest, I jumped to the E in B-L-E-S-S.

Of all the letters, that E is usually the hardest request for me to wrap words around when I’m praying for my family or friends.

Yet the lack of emotional rest often is a cause of significant stress.
For me, for others.

So I’m going to think and pray some more about it, Bonnie.
And I’m going to enjoy learning from others at the Faith Jam to see what they know.

Please join us there.

* * *

How do you pray for emotions?


Melissa said...

I like the BLESS prayer guideline. I agree that the E would be the hardest part to address. We can't always pinpoint our own needs, let alone identify someone else's,

I'm so glad that Bonnie chose this topic. So far I've only read her post and yours, but it's been so interesting to see the perspectives on emotional rest.

Rebecca said...

I came over here to leave you a thank you for dropping by my blog, and found this beautiful post! Thank you...I've already printed it out for my prayer notebook.

Kelli said...

That picture right there is why we now have wrinkles! I love your perspective in this topic. "Bless" reminds me of what Paul be thankful even in the midst of hardships! Have a great day!

Nikole Hahn said...

Great blog! I've never prayed for emotional rest. I usually pray for what caused the emotional unrest.

Barbara H. said...

I had never heard that acronym before -- it is a good one.

Have you ever read James Dobson's book Emotions: Can You Trust Them? It was very helpful to me years ago.

One professor used to say, "Good feelings follow right actions." That helped me a lot, too -- I don't always feel like taking the course of action I should, but if I do, the right feelings catch up sooner or later. Sometimes I just gave to ignore feelings and carry on.

But that's just one aspect: I like the different aspects of it you pray for.

Katie said...

I love your bless prayer guideline. I am going to remember it!

Sheryl said...

I've never heard this prayer guide before. I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful way to cover all the bases in prayer. Like Nikole, I too pray for what caused the emotional unrest. How backwards we are sometimes. Great post, and thank you for the BLESS guideline. I will use.

Thank you for the encouragement this week. It has been so uplifting to read your posts. Bless you!

Donna said...

Lisa, the prayer guideline gives a frame for our petitions to the Lord. Thank you for sharing it today!

Glynn said...

I pray that emotions don't overwhelm me - but that I don't bury them, either.

Unknown said...

I'm one of those detailed people so I appreciate your BLESS :D

I too fail often in praying for them. Right now, we're using The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children by Stormie Omartian as our devotional. It's helping hugely.

Your words are precious. Thank you for sharing them.

Janis Van Keuren said...

I've seen a lot of people pick up on your prayer acrostic. Maybe prayer is the emotional rest.
I've found emotional rest in being with friends, reading a good book, enjoying God's creation as well as God's word. They all restore me, rejuvenate me to go on.

Came here from Faith Barista.



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