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Memorizing Philippians

Partnering_to_Remember_PhilippiansBeginning in January, we’re memorizing the book of Philippians by Easter with Tim Brister.

From his blog:

Starting in 2011, I am beginning a project called P2R (Partnering to Remember).  The goal is to memorize the entire book of Philippians by Easter Sunday (April 24, 2011) through partnering with other believers using the memory moleskine. 

Paul praised the church in Philippi for their partnership in advance of the Gospel, and in the spirit of that partnership, this project intends to bring Christians together for the deepening work of God’s Word in their lives. 

Simply put, I believe we should partner to remember.

Read all the instructions. And more posts.



The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
Philippians 4:23


Melissa said...

A very brave endeavor. I've seen others who are trying this, but I'm a bit of a wimp. I'm going to work on a set of fighter verses from Piper's church. One verse a week is all I can handle right now.

Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

Lisa notes... said...

Well, the only reason I’m even attempting it is because I’ve semi-memorized it already, so I have that base to work from. Otherwise it’s way too fast a pace for me. One verse a week is more my preferred challenge too.

And I do love the fighter verses. I’ll be starting those back with my daughter this week, so I may be crazy with trying to memorize by the end of the month. Ha.

bekahcubed said...

Yay! Glad you're doing this too. I'm joining in because I've always wanted to memorize a really big passage--and don't have the discipline or stick-to-it-ive-ness to do it on my own. I'm hoping the fact that thousands of others are memorizing along with will help me stay focused.

nannykim said...

Thanks, I will try this!

Jamie said...

I just visited a January Simple Woman's Daybook and commented there. I was going to close the screen when this "Memorizing Philippians" caught my eye.

A verse from Philippians was a huge lift up for me this year, and I dedicated a theme for the year based off of Philippians 4:8. The prospect of keeping up with memorizing an entire book in the bible both entices and scares me, LOL. I've always wanted to do that, albeit with another book, but never really attempted it.

I'm tippy-toeing, but I think I would actually like to join and do this as well.

Lisa notes... said...

Jump on in – the water is warm! :-) Memorizing an entire book is a bit scary for me, too. But the way I see it, even if I only end up memorizing a few verses, it’s better than none. I think it’s great that you dedicated a year’s theme off of Phil 4:8. What a powerful, packed verse.

If you decide to do the Philippians challenge, I pray it will bless you!


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