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JANUARY 2011 Posts

God, MercyMe, and Philippians (1/31)
Be slow to speak…unless you’re apologizing (1/30)
Do you know why? (1/29)
5 ways worship might look (1/28)
Get your hopes UP (1/27)
Family math (1/26)
Thawing our every winter (1/25)
What’s on your nightstand?—January ’11 (1/25)
“Switch”—Book review (1/24)
How’s your worship? (1/24)
O worship the King (1/23)
His love is a song (1/22)
Friday’s Fave Five (1/21)
“Around the Network” available (1/20)
I hope you dance (1/20)
Are your shoes on? (1/19)
“Soulprint”—Book review (1/18)
Praying for Joanne (1/17)
Give one-of-a-kind worship (1/17)
God’s energy (1/16)
Let go to get more (1/15)
It’s about the snow (1/14)
Give it away boldly (1/13)
A midnight habit (1/12)
Two gifts to give the broken (1/11)
What is the internet doing to your brain? (1/10)
You don’t have to understand. Just accept. (1/9)
God is love and Love has come (1/8)
The Love Dare Challenge (1/7)
First week in 2011—Friday’s Fave Five (1/7)
“On This Day in Christian History”—Book review (1/7)
Pleasure (1/6)
A habit with an appetite, please (1/5)
A day in January (1/4)
Memorizing Philippians (1/3)
Heaven or Jesus? (1/3)
Why I am NOT reading the Bible in a year (1/2)
Let your little light shine (1/1)


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