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How’s your worship?

worship the kingAnd while he was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he was reclining at table, a woman came with an alabaster flask of ointment of pure nard, very costly, and she broke the flask and poured it over his head.
Mark 14:3

Did you worship the Father with your church yesterday?
How was it?

What about your worship the day before? How are you offering him worship today?

God tells the priests that if they don’t want to give Him excellence, others will. [Malachi 1:11]

God says His name will be great among the nations. Right now a hundred million angels are praising God’s name; He certainly doesn’t need to beg or plead with us.

We should be the ones begging to worship in His presence.
     ~ Francis Chan, Crazy Love

Please, let us not take for granted that the Lord accepts our worship, despite its inadequacy compared to his worth. 

And so let us check the quality of worship we offer our Lord. Both the “big” worship and the everyday worship. Remember: he draws no lines between the types—only we do. Singing with the choir and emptying your bathroom trash are both acts of worship that should be done equally for his glory (Colossians 3:17).

Do you worship him:

  • With your skills?
  • To honor him?
  • With beauty?
  • Your whole heart?
  • With purpose?
  • In spirit?
  • In truth?

I’ll answer for us all. No. Because none of us can. Even though we’re saved, we still battle with sin, and our worship is tainted.

But it should be our goal anyway—to worship him more purely and intentionally and gratefully.

Let’s desire to offer worship fit for a King!

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe. 
Hebrews 12:28

* * *

What offerings of worship come easiest to you?
Which ones are hardest?



Dianna said...

Singing (and I'm thinking of at home worship now) is a way that I begin my worship of Abba. For me, music is like a bridge from my heart to His. After I have sung for a while my heart is full and the words come easy with which to praise Him.

Bobbi said...

I share Dianna's thoughts on music (singing, playing piano, the words of old hymns) fact, when things are "tough" I find I get choked heart swells!! The hardest thing...those quiet service areas that get NO recognition...just being real here. I like a good ole pat on the it's generally hard for me to do a million little things that go silently unnoticed. I'm getting better at it...and finding that in it (service) is TRUE worship!

Lisa notes... said...

You won’t be surprised by this: Singing is definitely one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways for me to worship the Father too. At home, in the car, with the body, etc. I look at “our” plate often and remember “sing anyway.”

Lisa notes... said...

And you hit on a hard one for me, too—serving anonymously (unappreciated by man) for God’s glory alone. That seems more a “sacrifice” of worship for me because it isn’t necessarily enjoyable up front like singing is—I’ve got a long way to go with my attitudes…but thankfully the Spirit continues to work on us. Thanks for your honesty.

Julie said...

Another awesome post to come and visit. Really, the more I realize this truth, them more intentional I become about thinking about God being in on everything I am doing, where I am going, all the time. It truly increases my conversations with HIM, as I ask Him to please let me do all I do to honor Him and Him alone... loving your reminders. Hugs.

Barbara H. said...

Love that quote. I've sometimes wondered at beings like the cherubim mentioned in Isaiah 6 and thought -- though I hate to admit this, it sounds sacriligeous -- sometimes I've wondered if praising and worshiping in His presence is all they do. That sounds so unreal to human beings who compartmentalize our worship and service and the rest of life and who like variety and change. Yet I think when we're in His presence there we'll not be able to help doing anything else -- we'll be "lost in wonder, love, and praise." We only experience brief moments of that here, and for me, that's likely my own fault for not transforming every opportunity into worship.

bekahcubed said...

That is a good quote--and such a good reminder that God doesn't NEED our worship. Rather, I need to worship God. My mind needs to be caught up in Him, my heart to be inflamed by Him, my body to be consumed with Him.

God doesn't need my worship. Rather, it is a great privilege that He has extended to me--that I could be able to revel in His Godhood.

Dragging my feet throughout the day rather than worshiping only reveals how little of Him I really see--for if I truly saw Him, I would worship Him.

Lord, would You open my eyes that I might see You and that my heart might savor You--in each and every moment of this life You've given me.


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