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Give one-of-a-kind worship

copycatAt the beginning of the quarter I made a note in our attendance book by LG’s name: “Blonder.”

She is one in a set of triplets in our 5th grade Sunday school class: two girls and one boy. I used to think the girls were identical, but the more I look, the more I see they are not.

Think about the people you might have worshiped with yesterday, had discussions with in a Bible class, or talked with before or after services.

Were any two exactly alike? Do you think that’s just an accident?

While we have much in common (the blood of Christ covering us), we each are uniquely designed to worship God in our own ways.

Consider this quote from Mark Batterson in Soulprint:

It’s [your] uniqueness that enables you to worship God unlike anyone who has ever lived.

No one can worship God like you or for you.

While you might mimic a style or repeat the same words in a song or even think similar thoughts as someone else, you can’t worship exactly like any other.

God doesn’t want copy-cat worship. That’s why he made you unique.

It’s your gift to give.

Only you can worship God in a way that only you can.

* * *

Book review of Soulprint coming soon...

Do you have twins or triplets in your family?
How do you tell them apart?


Carrie said...

You always find the best pictures to illustrate your points! That photo of the cats is awesome!

And the points you make are very good to think on as well. ;D

Barbara H. said...

A good reminder. It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking we need to be/do/act just like someone else. While we can learn from others, we need to remember God created each of us uniquely.

We don't have any kind of multiple births in any branch of the family. There were identical twins in our old church who were adult males, and at first I had a hard time telling them apart, but once I got to know them I saw multiple differences.

Bobbi said...

We have twins at our church...and I'm one of the few who can tell them apart...people think it's something about their faces but it's in their voices actually.
This was good for me to think about today...I get so focused on comparing...bad, bad, bad...

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Carrie. The picture of the cats made me laugh. And I don’t even like cats! Ha.

Yes, I think it is easy to think that life would be better if we could be like someone else. It’s hard not to look at others sometimes and wish we had the gifts they did, but if God had wanted us to have them, he would have given them to us. I suppose it goes back to working on contentment…

Lisa notes... said...

My niece dates a brother who has a twin. I can’t even come close to telling them apart, but of course she has no problem with it.

It’s interesting that you notice the difference in the twins at your church in their voices…I’m sure there’s a great spiritual lesson in that!

Dianna said...

Such a precious post, Lisa. I think sometimes we forget that even though we are Christians that God still has made us each uniquely different.

I also wanted to mention to you that I left a little something for you over at Bits and Pieces today. :-)

bekahcubed said...

I have twin aunts that I have always been able to tell apart--and twin cousins that I have never been able to tell apart. I've been making a concerted effort to tell the difference between the two sets of twins I've met in my new church since relocating. I've finally (after a month or so) gotten to the place that I'm not asking them to remind me who is who every time I see them!

But it's so true that everyone, even the twins who seem to look so alike, is different--and worships God in a unique way.

Lisa notes... said...

I got it, Dianna. You have certainly been a blessing to me. You are such a bright light in the blogosphere!

Do the twin cousins belong to the twin aunts? That would be confusing...

So you’re proving that the closer attention we pay, the more able we are to distinguish differences. How much more does God pay attention to us, and can distinguish between all our differences, all the things that make us unique. I love the thought. Thanks for sharing!


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