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DECEMBER 2010 Posts

Curios—37 (12/31)
Anatomical donor programs (12/31)
Depend and Delight—in 2011 (12/30)
Naming the new year—“Depend” (12/29)
What’s on your nightstand—December (12/28)
Top 10 books of 2010 (12/27)
What is the root virtue? Humility (12/26)
The digital story of Nativity (12/25)
5 things I learned from my “Year of Deep Breathing” (12/24)
Holy space and holy time (12/23)
How to make spiritual small talk (12/22)
He visited us anyway (12/21)
Why you should take on a reading challenge in 2011 (12/21)
Watch the signs (12/20)
“Rework”—Book review (12/20)
“Story of a Soul” (12/19)
“How Many Kings?” (12/18)
“Wild Goose Chase”—Book review (12/17)
Five tender mercies (12/17)
With a little help from my friends (12/16)
Look through nature to God (12/16)
Do you believe what you want to? (12/15)
Curios—36 (12/15)
Have you remembered to rejoice? (12/14)
Why do you need God? (12/13)
How to regain your Christmas spirit (12/12)
“He Is” (12/11)
Rejoice—you’re the beautiful bride! (12/10)
The smile of Alzheimer’s child (12/9)
God in the Hands of Angry Sinners (12/9)
Keep your gifts flowering (12/8)
A day in December (12/7)
There’s an all-seeing eye (12/7)
Curios—35 (12/6)
How can this be? (12/6)
Praise his patience (12/5)
What are you giving? (12/4)
I need help (12/3)
I am a saint (12/2)
Don’t try to predict him (12/2)
Curios—34 (12/1)
Give it to Him; He’ll give it to them (12/1)


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