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What is stronger than guilt?

Oh no!

For two weeks, I had been the one saying to Jenna, “Don’t stop for the dog in the driveway. Kandie will learn to get out of the way.”

Then what did I just hit?
The dog.

And yes, I feel guilty.

What do you feel guilty about?

I feel guilty...

  • when I go too many days without eating veggies
  • when I don’t return a phone call within 24 hours 
  • when I’m easily offended/defensive/___ (fill in the blank) with Jeff
  • when I want too much *me* time
  • when I’m impatient during math 
  • and when I hit the dog

So what do we do with our guilt?

  • Examine it
    See what it’s about. If it’s about a legitimate wrong that you should feel guilty about, let the Spirit get your attention with it. For it, and for possibly bigger things it might be leading to.
  • Own it
    Confess that you messed up. Make no excuses for it. How many apologies start out great, but end up terrible because too many “but…but…but” get added?
  • Change because of it
    Let God use it to turn you around. To help you think different thoughts. To steer your actions in a positive direction. And to make amends to others when possible.
  • Trade it in
    For grace. This is huge. It’s the only thing left to do. God doesn’t want his children carrying around guilt when he’s forgiven them. Don’t stew in your guilt or continue to punish yourself with it. Jesus already paid the price for it. His grace bought out your guilt.

Thankfully, the dog was fine. Maybe it was just her tail that bumped the bumper. She had no injuries. But it could have been worse. Much worse. It might have taken a long time to let grace seep in enough to cover my guilt had something more serious happened.

But eventually it would have. Because I’ve done a lot more serious things than accidentally bump a dog. And each time God’s grace released me from the wrath due me.

Because...what is stronger than guilt?
God’s grace.  Praise him for it today.

* * *


Melissa said...

I'm so thankful for His grace, too! It truly is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your dog is okay! You're right God's grace is much, much stronger than guilt. Thanks for the reminder!

Trisha said...

Yes, grace. Amazing grace! Wonderful reminders, Lisa, about our guilt and His grace.

Barbara H. said...

Wonderful truths. I've wasted so much life bearing guilt when I could deal with it one way or another. Thank God He bears away our guilt as well as our sin.

Unknown said...

So glad your dog is fine :-)

Yes! God's grace truly is stronger than guilt whether legitimate or false.

"Own it" - very true about the "but..."

Thank goodness we can trade it in.

Sheryl said...

It's interesting that we feel guilty about such different things. It's miraculous if I feel guilty about not eating vegetables. :) But there are so many other things I let guilt color.

I love your statement of ownership. I think it's not common any more. Responsibility is refreshing when it's utilized.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts! And, I'm glad to hear your dog was fine. :)

Camille said...

So glad this story had a happy ending! :)

AND yes, GRACE!!! Where would we be without HIS grace??? I enjoyed this post. Thank you. You write beautifully and truthfully.


Persis said...

Thanks for posting this. It is so tempting to wallow in guilt rather than embrace the grace that frees us.

Glynn said...

Nothing's stronger than he is. No matter what we create in our minds and hearts to deny that, the simple fact is that he is.

Good post, Lisa. And I'm going to be more careful about backing out the driveway.

Bonnie Gray said...

You packed a powerful punch there in the beginning, Lisa! I do that too with my son -- and then, I feel so amazed when he forgives me. Talk about being taught by our children! It is humblingly good for me. God me hooked right then & there -- and landed me softly in God's grace! Loved your post in our jam this week!


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