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Curios - 32

More Curios hereThe Freedom of LessHow stuff enslaves us physically, psychologically, financially. And how to break free:
1) Declutter, declutter, and declutter some more.
2) Realize you are not what you own.
3) Ask “Why?” before you buy.

100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write by Chris Brogan.
If you get stuck writing, scan Chris’s list. Some won’t be applicable, but many will be.

It’s called 5 Dangers for Young Men, but these dangers apply to us women, too. From J.C. Ryle.

A map of the world using words at Abraham Piper’s. For some odd reason, I’m drawn to this.

A prayer for your week from Holley – what you really need for a new week.


Barbara H. said...

Thanks, Lisa -- I especially found the Thoughts For Young Men helpful. Ryle is one of those names I have heard but do not know much about.

Melissa said...

Love the Ryle piece. And the minimalist piece - I needed it! I've recently discovered that blog, and that post struck me when I read it yesterday.


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