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Become what you know you are

While this is a video lauding our very talented Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton in his bid for the Heisman Trophy, it includes thoughts that we as Christians should relate to.

“I won’t let myself end where I started.”

“I won’t let myself finish where I began.”

“I know what is within me even if you can’t see it yet.”

“I will become what I know I am.”

I am grateful today that we believers in Christ will have stronger endings than our starts, better finishes than our beginnings.

May we know what (Who!) is within us, even when others can’t see it.

And because He is in us, may we continue to become and live like who we already are.

* * *


Holly said...

Neat video. And wasn't that game incredible yesterday? War Eagle!

Debbie Petras said...

A wonderful inspirational video! Let us encourage one another and persevere.

Blessings and love,

annies home said...

loved the great video is it not so great that we have wonderful friends to inspire us

seesawfaith said...

Although I am a Razorback all the way, I do love this video. I agree, he had some very profound remarks that should have us all thinking.


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