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Do your one small thing

bread basket Do you ever see a big need? But all you have is a small offering?

Give it anyway. It all adds up.

I’m thinking about my neighbors. I don’t see any of them frequently, but between them all, I have a lot of contact.

  • One came to the visitation on Saturday. He has lost both his parents recently, too. He gave me great words of encouragement that still ring in my ears: “Don’t let yourself feel guilty about your choices. You did the best thing possible.”

It was probably a small thing to him.

  • Another neighbor cooked supper for us (again) Tuesday night. We enjoyed her baked ziti, the bonding of friendship, the Pictionary battle, and her daughter’s birthday cake.

A big thing? Not to her.

  • A third neighbor prepared a basket of bread and goodies and had it hand-delivered by her daughter, who happens to be my favorite seven-year-old friend. We sat on the floor together and fished with her pipe-cleaner fishing rod for the Bible verses she had written out by hand for me.

What’s a gift or two, here and there?

It’s a lot! When I add up all my neighbors’ gifts (not to mention the cards sent by other neighbors), I’m overwhelmed at what a small neighborhood can do. No coordinating, no planning, just each giving what God put on their heart to give.

So don’t wait to give until you have that “big thing” all worked out. Send the quick e-mail; the small donation; the phone message; the hug; the one-sentence text; the plate of cookies; the blog comment; the “I love you.”

No gift is too small if given in love.

God will multiply your small gift into a big blessing. 

fish for a verse

Let each of us please his neighbor for his good,
to build him up.
Romans 15:2

* * *

Read “That thing you do…” at heart to heart with hollye.

When have you received or given  Unexpected Encouragement?



Stephani Cochran said...

We never know why people suddenly come to mind. When the do we should pray for them and then give them a call or send a card or as you say give a gift. Excellent reminder Lisa. Glad you are finding moments of comfort this week! I'm still praying!

Barbara H. said...

So true, Lisa. We had to go out of town for the funeral when my mom passed away, and a friend brought over some muffins for the morning of packing to get ready to go and told us to plan on her bringing dinner over when we got back. I had found out my mom died while we were at a Sunday School class party, and I was waiting by the front door while my husband got our things, when another friend came by on her way from the bathroom and asked what was wrong. When I told her, tears instantly sprang to her eyes -- her mom had passed away not too long before -- and we just hugged each other and cried together.

This is a rebuke to me, though, too, because I sometimes think about sending someone a card or note and then never get to it. I need to pay attention to those promptings.

A Dusty Frame said...

Thanks to Barbara for sending me here.

This has happened so many times to me in our situation.

People don't realize what a small thing to them means when you're dealing with difficulties.

I wonder if people see the overwhelming big needs and know they can't meet all the needs and choose to do nothing.

Sometimes a "little" thing is all one needs to keep the faith.


Lisa notes... said...

Yes, when someone comes to mind, what a gift we can give them in that very moment if we would just stop and pray, or just let them know it somehow. I appreciate you doing it for me.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is amazing how those little things like muffins or a hug and tears can be so meaningful and really stick with us for quite some time.

Dusty Frame:
So glad to have discovered your blog. You have quite a story to share. I'll stay in touch.


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