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An Atypical August Day

The Simple Woman's Daybook Outside my window...are mountains and canyons and short trees

I am fear of heights may really be a fear of falling

I am thankful for...getting USA Today on my Kindle

In the learning rooms...are no walls as of late

I am eating...from the kitchens of others

I am wearing...sunscreen, bare feet, brown shorts, blue t-shirt

I am creating...traveling memories

Around the house...are faithful neighbors

I am Hoover Dam today

I am reading...among others, Tribes by Seth Godin and Finally Alive by John Piper

I am hoping...that my mom remains stable while I’m gone

I appreciate...that Jeff is so easily amused

I am hearing...half-grown girls giggling in the back seat

I am blessed I am to receive encouraging texts from my sister about similar struggles

One of my favorite knowing God is always with me

I am wondering...why I had a mini-meltdown again about feeling purposeless when I know full well what my purpose is

I am praying...for God’s grace of an even greater focus on Him in this new school year with Jenna

I am pondering these words...“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” ~G.K. Chesterton

I am tired of...having to fight against fear in order to have a good timeGrand Canyon But I am discovering...that, for the most part, the payoff is worth itBryce Canyon* * *

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1 comment:

Lisa Spence said...

yay for bare feet!

And I totally understand having a meltdown over feeling purpose-less when I know full well what my purpose is! Totally. understand.

Love the shots of you and your girls!


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