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1. What are you saved from?
When Christians say, “I’m saved,” what  do they mean? Saved from what? From God? Read this insightful excerpt from R. C. Sproul’s book, Saved from What?

2. How NOT to be happy—5 myths destroyed
Do you ever resort to these strategies when you feel down? Gretchen Rubin says these commonly-approved approaches are actually counterproductive to your happiness. Read the full article here that explains why these do NOT work.

  1. Comforting yourself with a “treat”
  2. Letting yourself off the hook
  3. Retreating to your sofa
  4. Expressing your negative emotions
  5. Staying in your pajamas all day

3. The old people are coming
See from where with these neat visuals
An Aging Population 

4. 5 dangers facing over-churched kids
by Doug Wolter

  1. Familiar stories lose their power
  2. Knowledge can promote pride
  3. They have learned to pretend pray
  4. They don’t feel their lostness
  5. They see the ugly side of church

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5. The Digital Revolution
See what a difference 10 years can make. By the Numbers

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